Monthly Meal Deal

Our excellent deli managers come together to decide what delicious options to bring to you each month. For the month of December they selected this meal that everyone enjoys at a price you can't beat.

Cake of The Month

Our Bakery managers choose a delicious cake every month to celebrate the season. This December we are featuring our delicious Gingerbread Cake for $9.99.

Weekly deals:

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1st Thursday & 3rd Thursday of the month is 20% off the Wellness Department at the Garden Home, Cedar Mill, Farmington and Palisades stores.

Look for these Thursday Deals:

December 6th: 20% off the Wellness Department

December 20th 20% off the Wellness Department

Wellness Deal for the Month of December:

20% Off Camamu Products & 20% Off Abiqua Naturals Elderberry Boost

Chinook Book

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