Delicious Dining at Home

Our store chefs come up with new exciting entrees & sides everyday...

Signature entrees range from Grilled Salmon to Beef Stroganoff. Our Signature sides range from Roasted Asparagus to Garlic Rosemary Baby Red Potatoes.

Pre-orders are always accepted; please call your chef to see what dishes they are creating today.

Daily Signature Items

Sunday: Lasagna - A hearty meat sauce layered in pasta sheets and ricotta cheese

Monday: Pot Roast - Slow roasted with all the fixings

Tuesday: Bacon Wrapped Boneless Thighs - Traeger grilled bacon goodness

Wednesday: Meat loaf - One of a kind Blue cheese meat loaf wrapped in bacon

Thursday: BBQ Chicken - Traeger grilled, smoked, and tossed in barbecue sauce

Friday: Prime Rib - Seasoned and Slow Roasted till a perfect medium-rare

Saturday: Baby Back Ribs - Smoked to perfection

BBQ Ribs and BBQ Chicken available everyday

* Entrees are available at 4pm. First come, first served. Limited to supply on hand.