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Roasted Rack of Lamb

Yield: 8 servings



Preheat oven to 425 degrees F

Place lamb bone-side down on rack and set in roasting pan.

In a small bowl, combine minced garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper and mustard; press onto meaty surface of lamb.

Toss potatoes and garlic cloves with olive oil; scatter around the lamb.

Roast 15 minutes, then reduce oven to 350 degrees F; roast 25 more minutes.

Remove from oven, tent with aluminum foil and let stand for 15 minutes. (Internal temperature will rise to 125 to 130 degrees F for medium rare lamb.)

Carve into 2 rib servings and serve with potatoes and garlic.

Please note that some ingredients and brands may not be available in every store.

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